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Recently Made Insurance Changes?

If you or your loved on has recently made insurance changes, please be sure to notify the building. Making the building aware of these changes can help avoid potential billing issues in the future. To reach out to your building's designated Billing Specialist, please refer to the list below.

Abingdon Care & Rehabilitation - Dana Lubrano |

Ashbrook Care & Rehabilitation - Jessica Miller |

Buckingham Care & Rehabilitation - Andrea Dawkins |

Canterbury Care & Rehabilitation - Dana Lubrano |

Cornell Care & Rehabilitation - Andrea Dawkins |

Gardens Care & Rehabilitation - Andrea Dawkins |

Llanfair Care & Rehabilitation - Jessica Miller |

Merwick Care & Rehabilitation - Jessica Miller |

Venetian Care & Rehabilitation - Dana Lubrano |

You can also reach our Accounts Receivable Department directly by calling

908-686-7430 and choosing option 6.

Thank you for your understanding.

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